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virginia governor bob mcdonnell. nk donnell has more than one month left in office before governor-elect terry mcauliffe is sworn in. the portrait will be revealed tomorrow evening in richmond. >>> the annual holiday stroll will happen later today in vienna. it will happen between lawyers road and mill street. to set up for the big event that stretch is closed today. you can watch the lighting of the town's holiday tree. this happens tonight from 6:00 to 9:00. the celebration of hanukkah continues as the jewish community around the world will light the candle marking the sixth night. dozens of people came out to late a menorah. the jewish population in d.c., maryland and virginia has been on the rise over the last few years. and the votes are in. the national zoo's new panda cub has a name. >> it is bao bao. it means treasure or precious. it was trending on twitter. more than 123,000 people voted online to pick the cub's name and dozens lined up early to get a good spot for the big reveal. we wanted to celebrate and to kind of get people excited. >> bao bao's mother, mei xiang gave birth
posting is from 1994 when williams was an election watcher in south africa. but williams really likes the picture taken with mandela. at the afl headquaters here because of mandela's fierce support for labor. >> that's the picture he will always cherish. he was in the house of labor. >> on capitol hill, eleanor holmes norton has her own memories of south africa's history. she was among four civil law right leaders who helped sparks months of demonstrations that helped bring about reform in south africa and freedom for trade unions there. she said it was time to celebrate his long and worthy life of making life better for many people. >> there's not a lot to mourn if you consider the life he lived and his gift to the world. we always mourn for the passing of one of the great men of our time. but in south africa, they're dancing. they are jubilant because their freedom is a straight line from his sacrifice. >>> the national museum of african art is another place to sign a condolence book for mandela. it will be available until next friday during regular visiting hours. you can also post
election papers. he is still under investigation, something sherwood equated to a wet mattress hanging over his campaign. how tough would it be for the mayor to run with a wet mattress hanging over his head? >> it won't be easy, there's no question about that. the reality is that many of the people who are convinced that the 2010 campaign was corrupt have already decided that they're not going to be able to support mayor gray. so to my way of thinking, he is actually benefiting from all of these other high-profile candidates getting into the race. the more widely the vote is divided, the better it is for him. he may do what harry thomas used to do when he was running and win by 30% of the vote because all the anti incumbent vote has been divide among so many candidates. >> bowser saying now that he's running he will have to answer questions, tommy wells saying he doesn't deserve a second chance because of the shadow of the 2010 campaign. >> a lot of that, i think, is campaign talk on these candidates running against mayor gray. but i think a lot -- i heard tommy wells the other day. he's pu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3